Thursday, August 28, 2014

We must speak out against injustice without fear of being called “racists” or “convicted criminals”

by Denis MacShane*, disgraced former MP

Having seen the full horror of Professor Jay’s report into organised sexual abuse in my former constituency, no-one can now deny that there is a dreadful culture in this country that tolerates and abets rampant criminality.

The report shows that public officials should tackle offenders regardless of race, without allowing themselves to be cowed by fears about “political correctness” or “being a convicted criminal with a prison record”.

Non-offenders in positions of power should bow their heads in shame. Our towns now have chief executives. Shouldn’t they take responsibility?

Certainly, as a mere Member of Parliament for the area in which these terrible crimes were committed, for the entire duration of these offences, I could have burrowed more deeply into the issue.  It may be that, as a true Guardian reader and liberal leftie, I didn’t want to rock the multicultural boat.

Or perhaps I was just too busy grafting large sums of public money by submitting fraudulent expenses claims to pay heed to the vast sexual abuse network that was flourishing under my nose. 

I don’t recall any of my constituents raising concerns about a cabal of child molesters with me and maybe, had this matter been brought to my attention, I might have investigated further and sought answers. 

Although in all likelihood, I would’ve been quite busy at the time illegally siphoning thousands of pounds to fund a vast array of think-tanks and watchdog organisations in an  endless campaign of brazen self-aggrandisement.

I can see why some may think it odd that I have so far escaped serious criticism for allowing a sexual abuse ring to operate unhindered, while I turned public cash into hay to feed my countless political hobby-horses. 

To that, I can only say - my dear journalists, if you need someone to publicly blame his own malfeasance on the Guardian and an abstract “liberalism”, well, you have my phone number.  Call me.

*Not actually the words of the hyper-litigious Denis MacShane.


TequilaWorm said...

Sadly I actually needed to read it to the end to be sure it wasn't him plugging the book.

Otherwise .... Ahahahahahhahaha!

Peter S said...

Truth from this crooked liar at last.