Saturday, August 16, 2014

Me, Or Your Lyin' Eyes?

For a new low in the old Terrorists Are Bad gambit - a rhetorical dodge allowing that no matter how bad your behaviour is, it's wholly justified because Terrorists Are Bad - see the following from JC editor Stephen Pollard:

This being Pollard's excuse for why he's apologised to his readers for running a humanitarian appeal for the people of Gaza in his paper.

You do have to wonder quite how far Pollard intends to ride this particular pony up Bullshit Boulevard: "It was wrong of me to shag the babysitter darling, but it's alarming that you are so much angrier about my infidelity than you are about Hamas war crimes", perhaps, or "I accept that public urination is illegal officer, but so is the act of firing rockets within civilian areas".

Anyway, the thing I like best about this is that Pollard actually seems to think that he's making a reasonable point, rather than giving us all a big belly-laugh at his expense.

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