Thursday, July 31, 2014

Terror As Biased Media Step Up Assault On Israel 
By Jingo Horatio, 31 July 2014

Sirens blared throughout central and northern Israel last night as the beseiged nation came under renewed assault from the entire planet's biased media organisations.

Distressed mothers swept their crying children into their arms and hurried into local shelters as images of destroyed buildings and massive explosions came screaming out of their television sets and Twitter feeds.

To the east of the country, the combined forces of the BBC and the Guardian bombarded the defenceless nation with video footage of dead Palestinians, all of whom had been intentionally murdered by terrorists via an entirely abstract and highly tendentious chain of causality.

In the West Bank meanwhile, the Jon Snow Brigade - the paramilitary wing of Channel 4 News - swept towards Gaza City, cynically hoping to take advantage of Israel's reluctance to use overwhelming force by taking pictures of the buildings and human beings that the Israeli Defence Force had destroyed with high explosives, and then recklessly talking about them.

"It was horrifying", said Bibi, 64, of Tel Aviv,  describing the remorseless media onslaught.  "They came out of nowhere, brutally shooting footage of missile impacts and artillery barrages... I did not think I would survive". 

"I fear for my family... Literally nothing could possibly be worse than this terrible, unfair campaign of media criticism". 

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