Monday, May 12, 2014

Why Don't We Have a Nice War?

And while we're on Boko Haram, let's observe a minor UK political morality tale developing here.

For more than a decade, we've all been consistently trolled for our insufficient anti-Jihad belligerence.  You all know the drill so I won't over-egg it, but it usually goes like this: Why oh why must the awful liberals support and fellate Islamist terrorism by not enthusiastically backing (x) utterly idiotic bout of deranged and insane ultraviolence?

Some folk have fallen for this one again and again, with many being all accommodating with an Okay, let's support a nice anodyne "intervention" to prevent a bloodbath in (x), then actually getting stupendously destructive regime change wheezes that had little or nothing to do with their ostensible justifications.

So now, here we are with the current situation in Nigeria: as it was throughout the Arab Spring, it was the world's lefty and feminist types who were first to kick off awareness-raising campaigns to denounce the primary villains and bring the horror to planet-wide attention.   For this, they've received either hoots and snorts of the Oh, I bet Boko are pure shiteing themselves, now you've hashtagged them into submission variety from precisely the same condemnation-demanders; whatabout the boys trollery or finger-waggy, mission-creepy If you hate Boko Haram so much, why don't we have a nice war with them? lectures. 

The Guardian were at the forefront on the kidnapped girls story, publishing calls for action by the Nigerian government; loud declarations of solidarity and requests for the public to take notice of the abduction.  They put out demands that feminists get behind the campaign; lots of supportive coverage and actual calls for UN-led military intervention.  Much of this was long before the rest of the press and social media even noticed there was anything amiss.

What thanks, for this entirely sensible use of the resources at their disposal?  Their sister-paper's stupidest columnist accused them of apologism and deceit, and nobody else even noticed they'd said anything about it until the Graun finally published a Stop The War statement that everyone could throw their hands up in mock-terror at and pretend to be astonished by.  Despite all the genuine outrage and all the hashtagging and campaigning, it's Why must the librul leftissess blah blah blah arse all over again.

This should be a bit of a lesson, and one that should be learned well: no matter how hard you try, you can't out-condemn a bunch of none-too-bright bawbags whose sole mission is relentlessly trolling the nation into ever-angrier levels of furious belligerence against whomever we can bomb, whenever and wherever possible.

So it should be clear that every demand to Condemn! this or that, or to support (x) or (y), is merely another hoop to jump through.  As they always do, more and more hoops will follow until you can't jump any higher, at which point you're back where you started, only more tired, exasperated and looking like a bit of a fanny.

So you know, this is why I've spent so much time over the years advocating a basic stance of open mockery for the nation's war-fluffers, rather than encouraging polite and constructive debate.

Because you can't ever have a constructive discussion with people whose every response is to repeat your own statements back to you in a whiny I'm a big jessie who loves Saddam Hussein voice. 


organic cheesebiard said...

It was interesting how little impact the Lindsay German piece seemed to have. From what I can tell, the only people who even tweeted about its awfulness were people who actively lied about its argument in their summaries (e.g. Michael Weiss saying that German claimed that the abductions were 'the fault of the West' where afaict she did no such thing). Usually the second STW say anything the Decentverse grinds to a halt in a combined sneering, but not this time.

I love the sexism in that Dan Hodges piece - 'Send some big, rough men, with very big guns'. I thought part of the point of Interventionism was to create a world where women have the same rights as men, thus could be soldiers too? But no, when girls are abducted, it's the man who does the saving. Also he says 'I'd be up for that', but in fact he'd only be up for cheerleading it from behind a computer, as usual.

Also the way he ignores the likely outcome of literally turning up at a BH camp demanding release, backed with a bunch of guns. I'm fairly sure the girls who'd been abducted would remain safe and well, given the horribleness of their abductors...

flyingrodent said...

Yes, it does all seem a bit muted this time - just snarky and boorish rather than utterly hysterical. I suppose we should see that as progress, of a sort.

Still, it's noticeable that there doesn't even have to be an actual war in the offing these days to start these outbreaks of screeching and swooning, and it doesn't seem to make any difference at all whether we agree or disagree that terror group whatever are godawful human beings - the response is just as negative, if less furious.

Elsewhere: Aaro's diary piece the other day, which most will have missed*, posited a few stages in the West's future dealings with Boko Haram:

1) The US will inevitably sort it all out, because they're awesome and "the indespensible nation", don't you know, and

2) The awful "peace" protesters will object and say that Boko Haram are awesome and ethnic and shit.

And whether you think that's right or wrong, it's really obvious that it doesn't occur to Aaro that

- Nigeria already has quite a large and well-armed military, and
- It hasn't actually requested US intervention as far as I can tell, and
- Even if it does, that doesn't instantly make it a good idea that should be automatically supported, and that
- Even if the protesters in Dave's head do think Boko are awesome, well, I can't think of a war that they've impeded.

Amongst other points. Still, what's noticeable here is that Aaro already has the whole Nigeria military intervention worked out from A to Z, all his pro- and anti arguments set up just so, long before any such thing even looks likely... And is already castigating other people for being rigidly ideological.

Which is odd, to say the least.

*I can dig this out tomorrow, if anyone cares. I doubt many do, but just in case anyone was worried that I was being unfair.

Bruschettaboy said...

Ian "Thick of It" Martin on Twitter was musing that he wished that Israel was in charge of rescuing the girls. I asked him whether this meant he thought that the best strategy was to wait five years and then exchange them for ten times the number of convicted terrorists, but he had moved on to other things.

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