Monday, May 12, 2014

In Our Own Modest Way

This ludicrous Boris Johnson piece about how the BBC are, like, a bit like Boko Haram and that, has been extensively commented on today, so I'll just add a couple of brief observations here then leave you alone.

First, you can imagine exactly how this would go down if, say, Ken Livingstone had come out in favour of minor celebrities' right to use racist epithets on air - we'd get an outbreak of wails and screeches so loud that it'd put a mob of enthusiastic Shi'ite flagellants to shame and it'd be aired every time he opened his yap for the next ten years.  Somehow though, I imagine that the rank stench of this particular mediafart isn't going to waft around Boris for long, for reasons that should be obvious.

And let's pause for a moment and ask: Does Boris Johnson actually care at all about whether some DJ can play a song featuring a racial slur without getting a roasting?   Does he lie awake into the small hours of the night, wracking his brains for a way to keep Clarkson out of the clutches of the Commissars?  Is he really incapable of distinguishing between a public service broadcaster and a Nigerian death squad?

Obviously, that's No, No and Of course not.  The Mayor of London could not give a damn about any of these things.  What the Mayor of London really cares about is his future electoral prospects.

I mean, I can easily believe that Nigel Farage really is boiling with rage about the persecution of Britain in the Eurovision Song Contest, because he's precisely the kind of resentful little arse who would.  Boris, not so much. 

So while Boris doesn't much care about racist insults, he's very interested in kicking off  stupendously vicious and cretinous arguments that rile up lots of angry droolers who have nothing better to do than, for example, fret over how unfair it is that they can't say (x) without people concluding that they're racist.

Boris didn't put orange Crayola to paper on this topic because he thinks it's important or noteworthy.  He didn't write it to illuminate or edify.  He pushes this stuff for no other reason than having an argument for the sake of having an argument, and the longer it lasts, and the more idiotic it gets, the better.  In Boris's ideal world, it'd last for his entire political career.

Forget about Clarkson and Tarantino - if they weren't the topic, it'd be something else, because the sole aim here is to signal clearly that Boris feels the pain of angry, race-resentful droolers, and no sooner will any argument over this end than another one will start...  And it'll be even more hilariously moronic than this one because, as the EU elections are demonstrating, you can almost never be so moronic as to alienate a certain section of the British public.

Which is all actively worse than if Boris actually gave a half a damn about this nonsense, but it's not like he has to worry about anyone pulling him up on it.  After all, half the nation's major daily newspapers have been enthusiastically engaged in precisely the same scam for decades. 


ejh said...

Wonder if he'll have another pop this weekend in defence of the harrassed Farage? Somehow I suspect not.

flyingrodent said...

I suspect not too.

In related news, I see that Eric Pickles is keen to clearly delineate "xenophobia" from "racism", for reasons that are surely entirely non-personal and nothing to do with his own interests.