Saturday, February 08, 2014


Now, Vladimir Putin is an arse of intergalactic proportions.  His anti-gay laws are fatuous and absurd, wholly of a piece with every other example of petty cruelty enforced by Russian governments throughout the ages.  His twatty, chest-baring, tiger-shooting public persona fully embodies the hilarious banality of tyranny everywhere it exists and has ever existed.

His domestic and foreign policies are repressive, crazily authoritarian and insane and although it would do us good to acknowledge that his big backlash against liberalism and personal freedom bears comparison to similar western political movements that are just cunning enough to not explicitly demand legally-enforceable oppression of homosexuals, they remain vastly more unjust and more ludicrous by an order of magnitude.

Nonetheless, let's take a pause from our rainbow-taunting of Sochi to observe that the London Olympics were not attended by global protests drawing attention to the UK government's affection for killing unknown numbers of unidentified foreigns with missiles and selling spiked bollock-shockers to e.g. Saudi Arabia for use on dissidents.

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