Thursday, February 06, 2014

Afghan Militia Demands Paw

Looking rather mournful, on a lead being held by a long-haired Taliban fighter, the small reddish-brown dog was paraded for a Taliban cameraman... - BBC News

There's just something inherently comical about a bunch of supposedly bad-ass Afghan mountain warriors yukking up a huge victory on camera because they... found a dog.

To be fair, this is supposedly some kind of souped-up military dog - a killer among canines, the Jack Bauer of Jack Russells, or what have you - but really, this is a Zen moment of high bathos for the ages.

I just wish they'd interrogated it on that tape, in between all the God-thanking and so on - Who's a good boy?  Tell us or die, infidel!  Who's a good boy?  Is it you?  Yes it is, it is you!

I look forward to the inevitably humiliating videos - one bark for No and two barks for Death to America! 

And these are the guys that have fought off not one but two global superpowers in a few decades?

These jokers don't know the difference between a propaganda coup and a Chris Morris skit. When UK forces pull out of the country, we should leave them some little clown cars where the doors fall off when you honk the horn, then sit back and watch the Youtube clips.

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