Saturday, November 16, 2013

Remembrance Day

This far removed from Remembrance Day, I can probably get away with these sentiments.

I am a bit offended, to see men who send soldiers to die for no good reason bowing their heads to the Cenotaph. The Cenotaph exists because it would've been impractical to dump the corpses of half a million men on Whitehall, where those who sent them to die could see them and atone for their many sins.

It's no more fun to see a Blair or a Brown or a Cameron bow their heads in memory of the men they sent cruising around the Sunni Triangle in piles of shrapnel on wheels. These politicians have no place at Remembrance services, since their main function has been the creation of more orphans and widows, and better lies and excuses.

Mind you, it does take a certain kind of brass balls to show up for such an event.


Surreptitious Evil said...

Okay. Reasonable.

On the other hand, I want them there paraded in front of us. So they actually have to front up in public, at least once a year, to show that they are (at least pretending to be) aware that their decisions have consequences in lives and blood.

flyingrodent said...

That is a very good point.

Dunc said...

I think Siegfried Sassoon probably said it best:

At The Cenotaph

I saw the Prince of Darkness, with his Staff,
Standing bare-headed by the Cenotaph:
Unostentatious and respectful, there
He stood, and offered up the following prayer.
'Make them forget, O Lord, what this Memorial
Means; their discredited ideas revive;
Breed new belief that War is purgatorial
Proof of the pride and power of being alive;
Men's biologic urge to readjust
The Map of Europe, Lord of Hosts, increase;
Lift up their hearts in large destructive lust;
And crown their heads with blind vindictive Peace.'
The Prince of Darkness to the Cenotaph
Bowed. As he walked away I heard him laugh.