Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Worst Type of Government, Except etc. etc.

And so it looks like the Egyptians, in their first-ever election, are going to install a parliament full of hard-faced, illiberal, judgemental reactionaries who have made it their mission to legislate public morality and to crack down upon non-conformity.

Men and women - though mostly men - given a mandate to stand athwart reality, yelling This far, and no further! 

To which I can only say - congratulations, Egyptians!  Welcome to the democratic club. 

From Plymouth Rock to the tank-shelled White House in Moscow and from the Long Parliament to the arse-end of south-eastern Australia, it's taken the democratic world thousands of years to reach the settlement that the Egyptians have plumped for in the space of only a year.

Now, that's what I call progress.


Anonymous said...

Looks suspiciously like many previous post-revolutionary elections to me. France 1848-1851 comes to mind, though Louis Bonaparte was a bit more progressive than some of the frontrunners in Egypt's election.

Igor Belanov

Anonymous said...

I see. Egypt's history started last year, did it ?