Friday, November 18, 2011

Don't Blame Us When Things Get a Bit Nasty

As Rod Liddle lands himself and his employers in even more legal problems, it's probably worth taking time to note that the Spectator itself represents one of the media's great morality tales.

As the magazine previously discovered when their embrace of Melanie Phillips nuttiest ramblings cost them a five-figure libel pay-out, this is what happens when you ditch whatever principles you once had in pursuit of cold hard cash and devote the majority of your sales strategy to "pandering to Britain's minority of hateful, arseholes".  Plus, it demonstrates yet again that there's a very fine line between "liberal fundamentalism" and "Acting like as much of a godawful twat as you can in exchange for money and approval".

We'll all enjoy Rod's self-pitying cries of fake persecution while he's being impaled on the great rhino horn of the courts, so let's take a moment to remind ourselves exactly how much sympathy Rod has for those who become the architects of their own misfortune, if they happen to take employment in areas that are likely to cause them difficulties...

"You get paid a lot of money to work in Libya; the reason for this is that it’s a shit-hole presided over by a maniac...   So don’t blame us when things get a bit nasty". 

I feel that similar sentiments could be applied to those who intentionally act like as much of a dick about everything as they possibly can for a living.  Don't you? 

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