Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Urge To Save Humanity Is Always Only The False-Face For The Urge To Rule It

I always felt a bit sorry for the ancient Greeks, forever at the mercy of wild and vengeful Gods and Goddesses... Mere pawns pushed around this earthly board for the amusement of inscrutable forces, unable to so much as bend over to pick up a discus without being viciously bummed by an angry swan...

Modern Greeks have it so much better, as do the rest of us.  In this atheistic era, none of us are slaves to the whims of divine entities.  Instead, we have the scientific surety of global capital to ensure that our lives are free from chaos and heavenly caprice.

After all, the free market economy ensures only that prices are determined by the rules of supply and demand.  It certainly doesn't demand sacrifices of people and goods - only the reassurance that capital can flow unimpeded and the occasional planet-smashing bajillion-dollar cheque.  It doesn't require supplication, merely the total restructuring of every economy that wishes to earn the gifts of its benevolence. 

It has no priests evangelising for its magnificence, only lavishly-rewarded pundits and experts.  It has no holy texts, beyond the philosophical ramblings of long-dead professors, which are treated as holy texts.  It has no Oracles to consult, no mystics nor entrail-readers; it has instead skilled economists, whose role is merely to read the ebb and flow of the markets and then make highly unreliable descriptions and predictions upon the discipline in which they proclaim expertise.

There is no inviolable divine command, although There Is No Alternative.  It is not all-knowing, although it sure as shit doesn't look like its certainties can be disproven, no matter how badly they fail. It is not all-powerful or vengeful, but by God it will crush the life out of any and all blasphemers.

No, thank goodness, we are long past the age of religion with its mysticism and its glorification of "faith", which has always been a euphemism for blind trust in a self-selecting, unaccountable priesthood and their cruel and inhuman deities.

That said, if you wanted to sacrifice your family pets as an offering to Citigroup on the off-chance it'll cheer up the financial markets, it probably wouldn't hurt our chances.

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