Sunday, October 16, 2011

Libya News Update, 16th October

GORMAN: Apone, collect magazines from everybody. We can't have any firing in there... Flame-units only. I want rifles slung.


HUDSON: Movement!

APONE: What's the position?

HUDSON: Can't lock in...

APONE: Talk to me, Hudson.

HUDSON: Uh, multiple signals... They're closing!

APONE: Go to infrared, people. Look sharp!

GORMAN: What's happening, Apone? I can't see anything in here.

RIPLEY: Pull your team out, Gorman.

HUDSON: I got signals. I got readings in front and behind.

FROST: Where, man? I don't see shit!

HICKS: He's right, there's nothing back here.

HUDSON: Look, I'm tellin ya, there's something moving in here, and it ain't us... Tracker's off the scale... They're all around us, man!

DIETRICH: Maybe they don't show up on infra red at all.

(Screams, carnage, explosions, marines ripped to pieces, set ablaze and blown up)

VASQUEZ: Let's rock!

(Heavy machine-gun fire)

GORMAN: Who's firing? Goddamnit! I ordered a hold-fire!

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