Saturday, September 24, 2011

Salesmen For Bullshit, a Continuing Series

Back in 2001, Chris Hitchens penned The Trial of Henry Kissinger, in which he declared Dr. Hank a war criminal for, amongst many other misdeeds, prolonging the Vietnam War and thus needlessly killing God knows how many people.

Readers should bear that fact in mind while reading his latest column, In Defence Of Endless War.

Sane human beings do not seek perpetual war and reasonable people don't relish unrelenting mayhem.  Thus, Hitchens' latest column is the work of a lunatic psychopath.  I don't mean that as a comical exaggeration or as a meaningless insult.  I mean that Christopher Hitchens is a psychopath and a lunatic. 

We can argue all day and night over the winnability of the war in Afghanistan; we can debate means and methods until the cows come home.  On the other hand, I imagine all perceptive observers will agree that no matter how hard it tries, the United States of America cannot possibly kill enough human beings to satisfy Chris Hitchens' raging hardon for violence.

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