Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Media Manipulation At Its Most Overt

Ed Miliband says he isn't anti-business, in an item that once more confirms the subtle yet inviolable boundaries that constrain modern political discourse.

I mean, nobody ever asks David Cameron whether he's a Spam-clad android created in focus-group Hell as a polyamorous sexbot for the sport of Croesus-rich public schoolboys, do they?  George Osborne isn't regularly forced to deny being a V-style reptile in a highly unconvincing "human being" disguise, who must retire from public view twice daily to feed upon rotting animal flesh.

Boris Johnson never faces allegations that he sends boxes full of his faeces to underlings who displease him, although I bet he bloody well does.  He looks the type.

Considered in these terms, you can see how the dreaded tag of being "anti-business" is merely a function of oligarchy; a reflexive mechanism of the overclass, used to corral public perception of political reality into tightly-enclosed ideological cages, for the benefit of a minority of plutocrats.

This is why the internet is so important.  Without it, nobody will ever hear about the hordes of Filipino maids and au pairs that Michael Gove whips around the miniature hippodrome at his country estate, driven in terror before his insatiable cruelty and his deranged, Caligulan laughter.

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