Monday, August 22, 2011


Excellent news this morning as the Libyan rebels take Tripoli without major bloodshed, to scenes of wild celebration.  It's a great day for them and for the people of Libya, who have endured a truly horrible time of it this last six months, never mind the last four decades. 

It comes many months quicker and with several thousand less deaths than I'd expected and, as I said I would, I happily retract all those bad things I said about the rebels being an incompetent militia, incapable of liberating the country even with the assistance of Nato.

I'll update this post extensively after the day's breadwinning, but I'll say this - I'll be very, very interested indeed in what the papers have to say this morning.  My impression of gridlocked stalemate a week ago came from the consensus view of the embedded reporters on the ground.  If anyone has an explanation for how we moved from extended standoff to smashing victory in just a matter of days, I'll be delighted to hear it.

Still, happy days - there are still a number of pressing problems in the country, but it's nice to have my boundless cynicism on our ability to screw everything up and make it a million times worse contradicted, once in a blue moon.

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