Saturday, August 13, 2011


Oh my, the horror!  A man who is notorious for making idiotic statements on television has made some more idiotic statements on television.

Specifically, he's saying that white people are turning into criminals because they have been in some way Blackified by malignant osmosis with some black people, who aren't themselves criminals due to biological or racial characteristics - oh, heaven forfend that anyone should take it that way! - but because of "cultural factors".  Seasoned idiot-watchers will notice that Cultural Factors are the Biological or Racial Characteristics that it's okay to cite in the press.

Shuggy makes the appropriate point that the sole reason for asking David Starkey onto your current affairs show is to horrify the audience into pearl-clutching paroxysms.  He isn't there to clarify issues or to represent Britain's sizeable ignorant reactionary demographic - he's there specifically to make offensive and stupid remarks.

No doubt there will be calls from lefty types for Starkey to be barred from TV appearances, but I think this is the wrong reaction.  As ever, I think he and other chumps of his ilk should be given a prominent public platform and encouraged to speak their minds as fully and frankly as possible.

When I was talking a few weeks back about Melanie Phillips' ludicrous conspiracy theories of a sinister, liberal-Jihadist elite conspiracy to destroy the West, I should've been more clear on this point.  I actively favour putting yer Starkeys, Phillipses et al on TV and radio, provided they're then asked some fairly direct and searching questions about their nutty opinions.  The public, broadly, are not idiots and they can spot racism, hysteria, paranoia and evasive bullshit when it's placed in front of them.

Here's a specific example - the next time that cold-faced psychopath Douglas Murray* appears on Question Time, maybe one of the guests could lean over and ask him what he meant when he said that Conditions for Muslims in Europe must be made harder across the board during his early Deport 'em all speech.

The harsh glare of publicity is democracy's best friend, as always.  As we've seen with the riots this week, there are plenty of lunatics in the public eye who have strong opinions on the sapping effects of multiculturalism etc. on our Precious Bodily Fluids; lots of people who have inventive policy suggestions on everything from the death penalty to the collapse of Christianity.

I say, put 'em all on prime-time TV and let 'em talk us through their wacky theories and loopy proposals for forcible remoralisation or for deBlackifying the nation's white youths, so we can watch 'em all sweating and stammering like they've just been caught whacking off to horse porn on the office computer.  It'll be fun for all the family.

*Frankly, a man who looks like he hasn't enjoyed a single second of his life and who wouldn't raise a chuckle for anything, save maybe a Greenpeace protester being slowly run over by a steamroller.  I don't know what he looks like to you, but to me he looks like the kind of bloke who has a locked room in his house that nobody else is allowed to enter or even refer to.

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