Thursday, August 18, 2011

Justice, Seen To Be Done In

Let this be a lesson then - if your kid is out of control and needs a short, sharp shock, why not just trap them in their rooms and nail the doors and windows shut for a week, or debag them and chuck them out of your car in front of their school?

Hell, why not just beat them down with a rolling pin?  I'd take that over any amount of jail time, since prisons - for men or women, and young offenders' institutions - are about the most godawful, dismal places in the country*.  I'd say the level of brutalisation involved in both is at very least equivalent, and the only people I can think of who avoid serious harm to their long-term prospects from jail are newly-remodelled crims-turned-true-crime writers.

Half the nation applauded Mrs Ives when she shopped her daughter to the police for being involved in rioting.  Here's the lesson that other parents in similar circumstances just learned - hand your child in to the police to admit their guilt and take their punishment, and in all likelihood a magistrate will take their repentance into account and then throw the fucking book at them, pour discourager les autres.

I'm considerably less shocked at the sentences being handed out to looters and rioters than many, it seems, but even I find this tactic of hammering absolutely everyone a bit surprising.  Make no mistake, it'll discourage les autres just fine, but if I'd have second thoughts about speaking to the coppers about a loved one now, you'd better believe that everyone else has taken notice too.

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