Thursday, August 04, 2011

Hanging Referendums Are For Pussies - Real Men Want To Bring Back Crucifixion

Guido Fawkes is confusing me. He’s campaigning for the death penalty on the grounds that the public want it... And here’s my confusion. Guido has also long claimed to be a libertarian. But libertarianism and democracy conflict, simply because public opinion is on many issues very illiberal.  Chris at Stumbling and Mumbling

Chris finds the internet libertarians' campaign to bring back hanging surprising.  Luckily, I'm on hand to clear up any doubts and set the story straight.  Here it is -

The libertarians - people who, remember, want to see the state massively disempowered - are campaigning to hand the state the power of life and death because they are hacks and because their "libertarianism" is 100% purest bullshit.

Consider the following possibilities: either a) A bunch of self-declared anti-statists have somehow forgotten the core tenets of their own political philosophy or b) A bunch of twats who don't want to pay any tax will support literally anything that moves political debate in an infinitely stupider direction.

Recall the Swiss minaret ban, if you can. You'd think a measure that selectively cracks down on the property rights of individuals would be anathema to small government types.  Not so - popular opinion on taxation and public services may be tantamount to tyranny, but whenever the people speak on a subject that penalises one of their bugbears and, crucially, annoys lefties, you can hear the champagne corks popping from a mile away.

I can already hear the objections that really, it's a bit more complicated than that.  It's not more complicated than that.  When you're talking about people whose entire worldview can be reasonably reduced to Life ain't nothin' but bitches and money, it's a major error to expect consistency in anything other than their tendency to be as much of a dick as possible about absolutely everything.

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