Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fisher Price's My First Law 'n' Order Debate

I like to think of myself as a reasonable man, prepared to hear out and consider arguments in a calm and rational matter*.  That said, the fact that it seems to be necessary to point out that youth culture was not invented by a lesbian hip-hop collective in 2009, with the explicit aim of destroying all that's right and true, makes me feel a little like hitting the Delete button on the entire universe, or at very least frogmarching anyone who wears glasses into a paddy-field for a day's work at riflepoint.

I actually don't know what's worse - that in 2011, anyone needs to be informed that young people have been kicking up shit and mobs of nutters running riot since Jesus Christ Himself was an anklebiter, or that they need to be told it by the Economist and the Spectator.

Obviously, what I'm describing here is a conversation between us pointy-headed geeks who spend our  evenings batting this stuff back and forth, but really.  It shows you how useful a debate we're really having, if we're reduced to going over the ABCs of human civilisation.

*Seriously. On occasion.

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