Monday, July 25, 2011

The world's first "anti-Jihadist" mass-murderer isn't a suitable topic for my usual comedy bullshit, so I'll cut right to the chase here.

Melanie Phillips' site is down for now, and I sure as Hell don't link to Gates of Vienna et al, but you can take it from me that she and the gaggle of paranoids that make up the internet's nutty "Counter-Jihad" movement are loudly insisting that they don't advocate acts of violence or terrorism.  For now, let's assume that's true and move on from there.

What, exactly, do they imagine it is that they are advocating?

I ask because the message they've been sending out loud and clear is that Europe is under threat of imminent enslavement, and quite possibly genocide, at the hands of a sinister cabal of Marxist fifth-columnists in cahoots with one of our largest ethnic minority groups, the latter of which they portray as irrevocably violent and totalitarian.  Unsurprisingly, they're stridently in favour of "resisting" this theoretical dictatorship.

That being the case, what kind of "resistance" do they expect the urgent threat of Nazi-Commie-Jihadist European domination to inspire in their readership?  A sudden upsurge in the creation of idiot blogs?

It isn't good enough to pimp this fearmongering lunacy then disown the crazy actions of your ideological stablemates.  If your message amounts to this...

"I'm not saying that we need to take up arms in extreme violence against our compatriots or viciously repress our nations' ethnic minorities.  I'm just saying that inaction will inevitably lead to the total destruction of the western way of life and the enslavement of our loved ones at the hands of a foreign invader whose motivations are entirely alien and malign.  But I'm definitely not urging violence in the face of certain genocide".  

...What is it that you want your readers to take away from your work?

There are plenty of calls for calm around today, with reasonable people counselling against linking one man's horrific crimes to the deranged views he espouses, those being a half-baked political analysis that has been festering on the internet and even in the pages of the mainstream right wing press such as the Mail and the Spectator for years

 I disagree.  I think that now, more than ever, fingers need to be pointed squarely at those who have been disseminating this poisonous cack, and searching questions need to be asked.  First up - What the fuck did you think you were doing?

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