Thursday, April 14, 2011

And The Animals Looked From Randian Superman To Looter

A very sad yet utterly insane story here of how the Libertarian Party of the United Kingdom quickly metastisised  from a bunch of loopy bloggers complaining about being robbed by the sociofascist state, into a small cadre of shits robbing and taking advantage of a bunch of loopy bloggers. 

I doubt there's anything going on here that hasn't happened since time immemorial, and yet I have to repeat for the nth time that one of the features of democracy is that people so often get exactly what they ask for, good and hard.  I tend not to trust politicians who tell me that politicians only seek power in order to enrich themselves and enhance their own interests, for obvious reasons.

Well.  I had wondered why we'd heard so little from the country's libertarians in recent years, given their former ubiquity.  I'd assumed that the Tories' electoral victory and subsequent mean-as-hell political trajectory had convinced them that the looters and moochers were being sufficiently battered.  Much as they once furiously denied angry Torydom, I think that would've been a lot more edifying for everyone than the real story.

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