Friday, April 01, 2011

All War, All The Time

As it slowly begins to dawn on Britain that the nation has jumped feet first into yet another wildly dangerous and insane conflict with precisely no forethought or planning, I thought I'd draw your attention to this little exchange from the first Parliamentary debate on Libya, which took place after the bombing had started. 

David Cameron had just been asked why Britain should intervene in Libya particularly, as opposed to a number of other pressing areas of humanitarian concern...

The Prime Minister: As I said the other day, just because we cannot do the right thing everywhere does not mean we should not do it when we have clear permission for and a national interest in doing so. One commentator put it rather well at the weekend: “Why should I tidy my bedroom when the rest of the world is such a mess?” That is an interesting way of putting it.

Yes, it is indeed.  It's certainly an interesting way for the fucking Prime Minister to put it when he's talking about an ill-defined and quite possibly catastrophic military intervention in a full-on civil war, on the side of an angry militia who, it later transpires, may or may not be jammed with Jihadists, to raise only one major problem.

As the Independent's perma-twattish John Rentoul points out, the "Why should I tidy my bedroom" crack is possibly the first Parliamentary ReTweet - see here.  The gag provoked much amusement among this new war's most vocal backers, at the time.

So.  It looks a lot like Libya is a test case for the much-invoked "Responsibility To Protect" in international law.  Asked why Libya meets the test and other crises - Ivory Coast, Bahrain, Syria, maybe - don't, the Prime Minister responds with a wanky RT, much to the joy and merriment of R2P enthusiasts.  Much as the Iraq War did in the Americans' adventurist democracy promotion in the Middle East, Libya may well bury R2P in an open grave in the desert, but LOL!  Teenage Trot tossers, haha!

You'll notice that all of those chucklesome japesters have fallen silent now that the sheer scale of the task we've set ourselves has become apparent.  Certainly, I've seen very few supporting Tweets cracking wise along the lines of OMFG Tha rebels r being beaten like rodeo clowns in what appears 2 b a total military clusterfuck WTF!!  

I'll say this about the Iraq invasion - it may have failed brutally for want of planning, strategic thought or common sense; it may have been an epic disaster with consequences that may well explode in our faces for the remainder of the century. 

Unlike Libya, however, there was at least a faint air of gravitas and half-serious deliberation about it.  The lunatics and fools who led us into that debacle with bullshit slogans and fuck all else, well, at least they put a little bit of thought and effort into it.  

This time, a bunch of honking politicians, columnists and internet fuckheads marched in waving their dicks in the air, braying about how huffy and annoying their detractors were.  Now that it's gone predictably tits up and we're basically relying on luck and crossed-fingers for a non-murderous outcome, silence.

It might do us some good in future to recall who these people were and how they comported themselves around issues of life and death, especially on the next occasion that they pipe up with some Good Ideas, I think.

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