Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A Proposition

In light of the following absolute facts and educated assumptions...

- That the coalition of western powers have now had ground troops in Afghanistan for almost a decade, taking hundreds of casualties both killed and wounded, and yet our enemies appear to be stronger than ever;

- That we still appear to be labouring un
der the pretence that we are fighting "The Taliban", rather than a motley crew of regular Taliban militiamen, Pakistani jihadists and a vastly greater number of ordinary Pashtun tribesmen;

- That even now, our continue
d presence is entirely based upon the false notion that our forces are not fighting Pashtun tribesmen, but are in fact fighting the first successful yet unsupported insurgency in modern history;

- That the size of yer actual "Al Qae
da" forces in-theatre is possibly as small as 100;

- That the Unite
d States military has spent years bombing not one, but two countries in the area with which it isn't officially at war;

- That we have no idea whatsoever how many civilians our armed forces have killed, but that we do know it's probably a whacking great number;

- That the government of Afghanistan, which our leaders hope will provide security and stability, is actually the second most corrupt on Earth;

- That the net result of our highly violent attempts to destroy our foes has been to turn vast tracts of Afghanistan and Pakistan into no-go areas filled with an exponentially larger number of hardened and highly-skilled anti-western combat veterans than were in situ before deployment;

- And that our goals in Afghanistan have now been reduced from "total victory followed by stable democracy" to "denying our enemies control of that country indefinitely, followed by ignominious withdrawal at an unspecified future date",

...That it woul
d've been wiser and more useful in military and diplomatic terms; more humane, productive and billions of pounds less expensive if the US and Britain had responded to 9/11 by...

- Crashing two planeloa
ds of US marines into the centre of a randomly-chosen Afghan city at 700 mph, or

Executing 300 randomly-chosen British squaddies by firing squa
d, or

- Not respon
ding at all.


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