Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Don't Be Too Proud Of This Technological Terror You've Constructed

You know, if I was

- A gigantic, fantastically rich corporation that deals in megabillion weapons systems and I was facing a future in which

- Wars are likely to be fought with glorified model planes that cost sweeties to produce, then I too would

- Perform high-profile demonstrations of a new ultra-expensive anti-model plane laser gun, in the hope that governments would then fork over megabillions.

Of course, bullets and rockets will also shoot down glorified model planes that can be made for sweeties. So could other glorified model planes that can be made for sweeties, but then, the GMPTCBMFS don't cost megabillions to produce, and that could be bad for business.

Still, laser guns! Woo, queue up here for zap, bang, pow!

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