Friday, May 28, 2010

Product Recall - Amnesty International The Bastards

I think we can agree that it's time for a recall on this new-fangled Amnesty International: Shower of Bastards product line due to a lack of demand.

Crack salesman Brighty seems to believe that the ever-popular Amnesty: Good People, Thankless Work brand has been routed in the marketplace by his new product, but it's a wooden and unconvincing performance. Much like those Best Blog Posts of the Year books that only featured bloggers buy, this latest release of AI:SoB has hit the international press with the bone-shuddering impact of an anorexic fruit fly shoulder-charging a moose.

Naturally, there's a ready market for mad and cracked comparisons of Amnesty to "tyrants" and half-arsed horseshit about "determined programme(s) of support within human rights organizations for the political programme of Islamists", but that's long been restricted to the arena of resentful, no-dick losers and hairy-palmed compulsive masturbators that make up the internet's hilarious "anti-Jihadist" movement. All this proves is the old saw about coke dealers being their own best customers.

Out in the real world, tumbleweeds. Time to cut your losses and admit defeat lads, before you bankrupt the company and have to take up professional sperm donation to make ends meet.

Final question - whatever happened to elderly crank Eric Lee's attempt to get himself voted onto Amnesty UK's board, with the openly declared intent of forcing the org to turn a blind eye to human rights violations committed by white people "rebalance" its coverage? I would've thought that even the silliest AI contributor might smell a rat in that one.

Update: My original post on this sorry business.

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