Friday, April 23, 2010

Diplomatic Silence Required

Religious work colleague thinks Scientology shouldn't be officially recognised by government because "It's not a 'proper' religion" and "It's all a load of made-up rubbish".

Polite coughs, murmured dissent.

When pressed, offered antiquity of Abrahamic faiths as defence of same, thus inadvertently legitimising worship of Baal, Odin, Mars, Huitzilopchtli, Marduk, Persephone, Cronos, Ishtar, Dagon, Osiris, Moloch, Ashtoreth, Demeter, Set, Venus, Tezcatilpoca, Ra, Sol Invictus and any number of minor deceased deities.

Finished with declaration that Scientology shouldn't gain equivalent status to older faiths because "L. Ron Hubbard was just a pish science fiction writer" and a "conman", leaving open possible implication that St. Paul may have been an investigative journalist.

Abruptly ends conversation, pronounces "Lunchtime".

I'm on record more than once saying that taking the piss out of people's religions to their face unprovoked is uncalled for, but really. I nearly bit my tongue off.

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