Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Political Madness Gone Correct

As I mentioned in a previous post, there's lots of Tories and general wingnuts infesting the blogs I visit, bigging up their talking point that lots of babbling idiots voted for the BNP at the European election* because of tyrannical politickalcorrecknesses.

I've had one joker explain to me that dismissing far right voters as morons, cretins, dupes and bigots is an act of elitist contempt, the appropriate collective term now being "alienated working class whites," or some such cant.

Honestly, these right wingers with their totalitarian speech codes - it's come to a pretty pass when a British citizen can't call a spade a spade without facing dictatorial demands to moderate his language to avoid offending the delicate sensibilities of thin-skinned racial majorities. This country's turning into a Gestapo toilet filled with moralising ZaNUKIP language police, crushing the citizenry with their trendy psychobabble.

Anyway, I thought I'd help out the effort to exonerate hate-happy voters and incriminate teh Left with a few suggestions of my own, as an act of goodwill.

1) Idiots are voting for the BNP because of those natty suits they wear, and those nice neat haircuts. That Gordon Brown just dresses like a tinker's dog;

2) Nick Griffin pledged twice as much annexation of Sudetenland, increased funding for invasions of Poland;

3) Citizens from heavily-populated areas enthused by promises of more lebensraum; offers of annual holidays at a number of Aryan spacious kampfsites;

4) Free pudding. Pudding!

5) Golliwog-free jam jar labels have become horribly obvious metaphor for voters' political, sexual impotence;

6) If voters' Grandads could've foreseen the state of the country today, they would've fought for the Nazis instead;

7) Kids these days, I ask you. God help us if there's ever another race war.

8) Jews keep ringing voters' doorbells, then running away; PC Brigade refuse to help no matter how many times voters dial 999.

9) Can't walk down the street without tripping over lesbians and pygmies, lesbian pygmies;

10) It's okay for the blacks to call each other "nigger", but just you try shouting that at the kid who wins the egg-and-spoon race at a school sports day and they'll bloody arrest you;

11) Just encouraged to change vote by BNP activist friend who helps the party out by stuffing envelopes with letter bombs.

There, that's enough to be going on with for now.

*About the same number of babbling idiots as voted for them at the last election, as it happens, but if wingnuts can completely ignore the total obliteration of their economic doctrine in the last few months, ignoring this isn't going to be hard.

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