Friday, June 26, 2009

Local Libertarian Horrified By Hospital Death Rates
Libertarian News, 26th June 2009

Libertarian statistician Leopold Bulger-Bawsack yesterday pronounced himself "disgusted and horrified" after his studies proved that over 60% of people who have been subjected to the tyrannical healthcare of socialist NHS hospitals have subsequently died.

"The statistics are undeniable," Bulger-Bawsack told Libertarian News. "Since its inception, the statist NHS charnel house has murdered millions of people, at least 60% of the people it has treated".

"The death rate is particularly marked among the elderly and the terminally ill, many of whom died within hours of falling into the health service's malign clutches... Like the Nazis, it seems that the ZaNu Liebore looters and moochers are actively exterminating the old and the infirm".

Bulger-Bawsack's in-depth study provides new evidence indicating that the recent introduction of private healthcare has ameliorated matters.

"The difference is stark," he said. "Of the people who used NHS services in 1948, almost 80% have subsequently died, many of them in a terribly weakened and withered condition... Yet recent private healthcare initiatives within the NHS have had a marked effect - in the past five years, only 14% of those subjected to the horrors of government-run hospitals have been murdered".

"My conclusions should be obvious - the only way to reduce the patient death-rate to zero is to immediately disband the NHS and replace it with a system of private-sector healthcare provision".

Sadly, Bulger-Bawsack does not expect the socio-fascist ZaNuLiebore administration to heed his advice, and predicts that it will continue with it's objectively pro-death medical policies.

"The decent, hard-working people of Britain are united in their opposition to death in all its forms," he said. "Until an elected libertarian government is given the chance to put an end to mortality itself by instituting a policy of top-class private-sector healthcare for everyone*, the people will continue their long death-march into the NHS gulag".

*Subject to financial and health restrictions.

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