Friday, April 17, 2009

Your New Media In Action

"...I won't ever let lobby journalists forget that they sleep safe in their beds tonight because a rough blogger was prepared to do violence on Damian McBride." - The Times, 17th April 2009

Good God.

In tone, this bit of brazen wankery is indistinguishable from Peter Mandelson's infamous, onanistic re-election speech - ludicrously self-important, hilariously grandiloquent self-promotion of the first water.

In content, it's Father Ted accepting the Golden Cleric; all fragile, injured ego and righteous retribution. In style - Jorge Valdano's "shit on a stick" in the Tate Modern at last.

If you'd told me yesterday that it was possible for a cock to simultaneously suck and blow itself, I would've laughed. Not today.

Quite what this hooting, puffed-up bellend is doing in The Times is anybody's guess - presumably Danny Finkelstein has been at the meths again. A cringing embarrassment for everyone involved.

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