Monday, January 19, 2009

LOL Emansipaytorz

Being a bit of a history buff, there's nothing I like more than some good, old-fashioned national treasures.

It's to my eternal regret that I've never made it to Washington DC, where you can't throw a half-brick without clobbering a marble statesman or a commemorative monolith, and of everything there - millions of dollars worth of national myth-making - it'd be the Lincoln Memorial I'd most like to see.

It must have been an intimidating commission for the sculptor, given Lincoln's pivotal role in world history, but it's a sterling piece of work. Lit from above, it's a serious, brooding depiction of a subject burdened with the weight of his nation's destiny, yet exuding an air of quiet determination. See below for an example...

Of course, it's not quite as impressive in daylight, and when it's lit from below, it looks a bit like Honest Abe's just been goosed up the arse by a huge stone John Wilkes Booth, as illustrated today with Barack and Michelle Obama in the foreground, here.

...And let's see that in close-up...

Perhaps it's just me, but doesn't the bottom-lit Lincoln look every bit as surprised and disbelieving as the great man himself would've done, if he could've been there to witness the President elect's visit?

Hell, I suppose if you'd told me four years ago today that a liberal black senator with loose connections to some of the American left's more barking figures would be Bush's successor... Well, I expect that two giant exclamation and question marks would have exploded through the top of my skull and burst with a sound like a giant duck quacking Dudewhatthefuck??!! into a bucket.

Funny, how things turn out.

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