Thursday, September 11, 2008

The English Language - Minor Repairs

Small problem - the English language appears to be broken...

...Or so it seems to me, watching all this hyped-up horseshit about the horrific sexism inherent in using the phrase lipstick on a pig to describe a political opponent's economic policies. All kinds of silly tossers are jumping onto their chairs and screeching like the old woman in the Tom & Jerry cartoons, claiming this is vile, gender-based abuse of Veep candidate Sarah Palin.

Let's be clear - that comment isn't sexist in the least.

If I was the Democratic candidate, I'd call her an ignorant, no-talent arsehole with a fanny that rattles when the wind blows, then light a cigar and smile for the cameras.

Now, that is sexism people. and it's also why I'll never bother running for high office.

There - fixed.

Update! I was going to use this post as a hook on which to hang the responses of various right wing British bloggers, but I've had to ditch the plan - I've tried reading about ten of them, but the sounds of furious, purple-faced masturbation are proving seriously off-putting.

Update 2! Still trying, but it appears that for once I'm not exaggerating... AFAICS, there's substantive evidence that at least ninety percent are literally jerking off while they type.

From all the sexy dominatrix comments, it looks like many of them have serious Mummy issues. No wonder Mrs. T remains so popular on the British right.

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