Friday, August 15, 2008

Shorter Julie Burchill

"If you thought I was an annoying, self-important sack of unfocussed bile, resentful snarls and petulant non-sequiturs before I found God, you ain't seen nothing yet."


"Now that Jesus has filled my heart with love, you are a bunch of fucking wankers."


Update! - David Duff shows up in comments to applaud some of Julie's wackier sentiments, namely...

a) Since some religious loonies want to kill Aayan Hirsi Ali, it is wanky and self-indulgent not to believe in God and

b) Since religious Christians are a minority in Britain, to adopt Christian beliefs is to strike a blow against the Smug Liberals Who Rule The Universe.

I don't think either needs refuting, since both are patent arse. I find it pretty remarkable that a major nespaper is willing to pay for this puerile, teenage pish - perhaps there's a job for me there after all.

I'll just note that this is the last forty years of conservative thinking in a nutshell - take some obvious statement like, say, women should be free to decide whether they want careers or children, or even both, then pretend that the SLWRTU are maniacally opposed to stay-at-home-mums... Before you know it, there are MPs and senators on television saying that stay-at-home-mums are fighting back against Femi-Nazi tyranny by staying-at-home.

As an intellectual movement, well, it's more of a bowel movement - pick any social issue, ascribe the most extreme position possible to your political enemies, then go red in the face and shout about it. It's a bit depressing that so many people fall for this obvious pile of horseshit.

Honestly, I've got a hilarious post sitting right here ready to go, all about how Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger actually is a titanium Terminator.

I'd post it, but I don't think I'll be able to face it when David Duff shows up shouting No, LIBERALS are the REAL genocidal cyborg killing machines from the future.

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