Friday, July 11, 2008

The Great Western Idiotquake of 2008

Note: To fully conjure the appropriate ambiance for the first part of this post, I suggest clicking here and fast forwarding the clip to about the 4 mins 20 mark, then reading on.

Communist domination encroaches on America, according to one of the gibbering inmates at the Samizdata booby-hatch today, and he makes just that point before pissing in the corner and daubing the walls with his reeking waste, probably...

The power of the American left... is very great. About 9 out of 10 newspapers lean to the left in their editorials (and, to be blunt, in the rest of their content also - from news coverage to book and film reviews) and most television networks also lean to the left. Some more than others - but the general direction is plain...

(Editor's note - Various bought-and-paid-for, sabre-rattling free traders and cocksucking, cash-for-favours Washington creatures are trotted out as proto-Leninist butchers in support of this bollock-brained burble masquerading as a sound premise...)

...But in spite of all of the above it is clear that the left is not satisfied - they demand total control of all aspects of life, totalitarianism.

...And so forth for several hundred increasingly wild and wacky words, culminating in the hilarious assertion that, by 2009, the largest American corporations will prostrate themselves before their all-powerful, beret-wearing, tofu-fucking overlords.

Take a glance over the Atlantic, and you could be forgiven for failing to spot the many tendrils of this continent-wide conspiracy. For an omnipotent cabal of communist dictators-in-waiting, the American left does a fantastic job of disguising itself as a gaggle of powerless, polysyllabic students quite happy to fritter away their evenings yammering to each other on the internet.

I could pick the peanuts out of this post, but what would that achieve? That anyone could examine the American system of government - essentially a highly efficient mechanism for doling out favours and contracts to the highest bidders - and conclude that its biggest problem is incipient socialism, should be unbelievable. That an adult human being could observe the bloody Democratic Party and perceive the slightest trace of Bolshevism is utterly insane.

Remember a few years back, when we were being told that a glittering era of citizen journalism was round the corner? Not even I suspected we were actually headed for a cataclysmic international idiotquake on this scale, as the politically inclined hunt about for the online rabbit hole most suited to their delusions and dive down it head-first.

Sure, there are lots of problems with the old print media. Often, it's smug, sensationalist and self-righteous, and prone to sticking its ideological oars in unhelpfully. Sometimes papers are lazy on fact checking and lack a sense of proportion.

All of that, but at least they're on speaking terms with reality. Even at their worst, you're not going to pick up a British newspaper and find an article accusing the Red Cross of complicity with Hezbollah, to pick a random example.

Hell, forget about my earlier recommendation to listen to The Planets while reading this kind of stuff. Give it a few years, and this is going to be the appropriate backing track for 90% of all blogs.

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