Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Holy Inter-Gender Boxing Match!

Okay, so I realise cheap celebrity tittle-tattle is beneath you all, but how I could fail to mention Batman actor Christian Bale being arrested on charges of assaulting his mother and sister?

God knows, many's the time I've felt like boxing a recalcitrant relative's ears with the old Batarang myself, but manners forbid.

Anyway, I'm disgusted to see that the cops have let him get away. Haven't they ever been to the movies? I mean, didn't they at least try suspending him upside down by a burning rope over an vat of sulphuric acid? Didn't they even have the basic common sense required to clad him in titanium chains and lower him slowly into a pit of pissed off timber wolves?

I mean, what's the police force in this country coming to?

Not that I can't see why Bale was pissed off with his Mum, mind. He's probably still filled with untapped primal rage from that time when she left him with those grouchy Japanese babysitters to go off galavanting around southeast Asia.

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