Sunday, June 01, 2008

New Political Magazine Targets Small-State Libertarians, Arseholes
TLS, 1st June 2008

Celebrating its launch this week is Standpoint, a political magazine for small-state libertarians, one-nation Tories and horrible, appalling arseholes.

Editor Daniel Johnson believes he has identified a gap in the market and expects the magazine to go from strength to strength.

"There are a huge number of social and economic conservatives, religious reactionaries and bilious, pusillanimous freaks who are crying out for a magazine that can critique and condemn the modern era," Johnson told TLS.

"Whether they buy the magazine for its perceptive economic analysis, its passionate yearning for long-gone days of empire or simply for the Dyson-strength suck-jobs on their throbbing senses of grievance, Standpoint caters for a wide range of headbanging haters, small-minded racists and boggle-eyed mentalists."

"At this moment, when free-market capitalism bestrides the globe like a collossus, people want a magazine that will fluff their worst instincts by pretending that we are facing imminent destruction at the dusky hands of a multitude of menacing aliens... The Arabs, the Russians, the Chinese... In fact, pretty much anyone at all, provided they don't speak English or pledge allegiance to the Queen."

"For all of the idiocies of the modern age, this is a magazine that isn't afraid to stand up and assert the old certainties - that anything new or foreign is hateful and must be destroyed".

Standpoint is on sale now.

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