Saturday, April 12, 2008

Let Them Eat Bullshit

Barry Obama in bother again, this time for the high crime of elitism -

"U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama came under fire on Friday for saying small-town Pennsylvania residents were "bitter" and "cling to guns or religion," in comments his rivals said showed an elitist view of the middle class."

Damn, that old devil elitism... Now he's under fire from rough-hewn sons and daughters of toil in the American press and political establishment.

He has my sympathy, because I've been called elitist more times than I care to mention by leftists, rightists, Mail-reading cranks, Guardian-reading loons, wingnuts, moonbats... Pretty much everyone, in fact, and one day I sincerely hope to be castigated for elitism by someone who actually earns less than I do.

See, the purple prose I spout is the result a lifetime of burying my head in books geek-style, rather than a childhood of brie-scoffing privilege... And all that book-learning makes me suspicious of wealthy, well-educated political insiders who don rhetorical shell-suits to shout Me simple caveman, Me is angry about elitism!

Point is, these soulless oxygen-thieves are clubbing Obama for speaking the truth - lots of people who would've instinctively voted Democratic thirty years ago now base their votes on a candidate's love of guns or his commitment to cleaning up the country for the glorious return of the baby Jesus. That's not because of public stupidity - although God knows there's always been a surplus of that, everywhere on Earth - it's because the Democrats have long since stopped addressing their concerns and cheerfully thrown any defence of their economic interests down the pan for corporate contributions. Horrible as it is to contemplate it, the mendacious Jesus-pimps and the NRA have actually been addressing issues voters care about, while the Democrats were busy signing NAFTA.

That's also why British politics feels like an eternal scribbling in the margin exercise, with regular intervals of cretinous moral panic. The argument over the economy and the welfare state seems to be over, leaving the politicians to issue ever more grandiose and ineffective pronouncements on 1) how nasty they'll be to foreigners, 2) who's going to save the planet from eco-death and 3) scum-baiting promises to exterminate crime.

I don't think you have to be a conspiracy theorist or a class warrior to work out why any attempt to discuss that situation earns you the elitist tag and a stiff arse-booting from 20,000 exquisitely-pedicured feet.

Elitism? Bollocks, more like. I hope to God that Obama gives this the response it deserves, i.e. the finger, followed by a polite invitation to fuck off. Who knows, if it works, perhaps politicians in the UK might take note and stop inventing new ways to annoy the public with healthy eating and anti-smoking campaigns, and possibly even start examining their own timid centrism.

n.b. Hillary Clinton's response to this = Karl Rove. All of her supporters who are currently whining about sexism- and I'm looking at you, fellow non-American voter Elton John - should perhaps consider the possibility that she's perceived as a quasi-Republican android with a huge, throbbing boner for power because, you know, she is one.

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