Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pipes of Peace

It struck me as particularly ironic that fans of Sir Paul McCartney have just noticed that Mister Bellamy, one of the tracks on his new album, is an anagram of Mills Betray Me.

They're speculating that this is a coded signal from Sir Paul that he's a bit miffed about handing over a substantial wedge to his semi-hysterical mentalist ex-wife.

By a freak coincidence, I've just discovered that Sir Paul's Dad might have been sending coded messages too, since Paul McCartney, author of The Frog Chorus, Give My Regards to Broadway and Wonderful Christmastime is an anagram of Nu-Treacly Camp.

We can only hope that was what Mr. McCartney Snr. was getting at however, or Sir Paul could be in for a series of rather nasty bum infections - Paul McCartney is also an anagram of Puny Rectal Cam.

Really. When I was a kid, bands were perfectly content with incorporating backwards messages from Satan, Father of Lies and Lord of the Inferno on their albums, and there was none of this anus-based tomfoolery.

n.b. Honestly, the post title could've been worse. I came this close to calling it No More Lonely Shites.

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