Saturday, February 02, 2008

Week in Review - Light-Fingered Politicians

The nation crumples its newspaper in rage over the case of Derek Conway, a Tory MP who paid massive sums out of the public purse to his wife and kids.

Things have come to a pretty pass when elected officials can get up to this kind of thing for so long. I say we need an independent figure who can investigate and clamp down on the following behaviours in public figures...

- Vast sums of cash going to family members for doing absolutely nothing.

- Taxpayer subsidised or bought housing in various parts of the country.

- Taxpayer-funded "official visits" to foreign countries that are nothing more than junkets

- The acceptance of untaxed gifts from foreign parties.

- Special exemptions from taxation.

All of the above offend the traditional British sense of fair play, which holds that nobody should be coddled in the lap of luxury simply because of an accident of birth, without ever doing a day's work. The idea that someone's shiftless offspring should be handed a living on a plate just because of who their parents are has infuriated the country.

Hey, maybe we could get the Queen to look into this elitist outrage. Her or that babbling, unemployable numbnuts Charles - it's not like they're doing anything else, is it?

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