Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jesus, No, Not In The Face!

A work colleague opined today that we'd have none of this war and conflict if the world was run by women.

Well, call me sexist, but I beg to differ - I shudder to think of the hideous slaughter that would ensue if Poland shot Italy a few dirty looks, or told the Italians that those shoes made their ankles look a little bit fat.

And who the fuck does Brazil think she is, strutting into Paraguay's house like Lady Muck and announcing that the place actually looks quite nice when it's tidy?

There'd be a nuclear exchange within two weeks, for God's sake.

Honestly, cross-border raids and espionage would be bourne with good grace and patience, but woe betide any nation foolhardy enough to walk about as if she owns the place.

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