Monday, December 10, 2007

Courage Under Fire

Since becoming Prime Minister, Gordon Brown has made a series of appalling misjudgements that have damaged his standing. Many have doubted that he has the political stones required to secure a fourth term for Labour, and his enemies have been queuing up to piss in his kettle.

Since I've always liked the cut of his jib, I'm glad that Brown has shown his inner bravery and come out in support of British troops in Afghanistan. This shows great political nous, and I, for one, see a bright future for the Brown administration.

I've spoken with a friend who has recently returned from Basra, and he reckons that our boys out there would've been a bit narked if he'd decided to throw his weight behind the Taleban. Perhaps he was tempted, but his tacticians have obviously advised him that such a risky gambit might do more harm than good.

So good on Gordon Brown, I say. It's good to see a Prime Minister who's prepared to bite the bullet and take a stand.

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