Sunday, December 23, 2007

If It's Good Enough For The Hacks, It's Good Enough For Me

A Lazy-Arsed Retrospective

And an eventful year it's been, with terrorist attacks in Glasgow, a new Prime Minister and about five million excuses for outbreaks of brown-trousered panic.

It's the last of these that's gradually become the theme round these parts, as I've followed the British belief that no problem is too trivial to cause an outbreak of national hysteria.

Causing a stink this year - relations with Iran, gay adoption, capital punishment, stupid terrorists, MI5, "Islamic fascism", resurgent European fascism, smokers, Cuddly fun with Hamas, Iraq, Melanie Philips, President Bush, and asylum seekers.

Common sense prevailed, thankfully, with the lowering of the national pants.

In sport, I ran a quiz on Shakespearean refereeing and presented Scottish football fans with a gallery of nostalgia, before introducing Winnie Tha Pimp.

On religious affairs, I mused upon the fate of Libertarian Jesus, and in the world of work I offered tips on getting the most out of civil servants. I also reflected thoughtfully on the creation of a computer that thinks it's a mouse.

This year also saw my first attempt to attempt at liveblogging on the night of the Scottish Parliament elections, my first stab at the advertising business and some thoughts on BBC bias.

And finally, some thoughts on reclassifying the political pantheon.

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