Monday, August 20, 2007

Rodent's Law

A quick observation to tide you over while I'm busy...

So, let's say that some dipshit at a hospital in Glasgow decided that, in a well-meaning but idiotic effort to further relations between religions, it would be a good idea to ban staff from eating their lunch at their desks during Ramadan.

So as not to be insensitive, you see.

Just assuming that this is true (bear in mind that it's being reported by the Daily Express), what would your response be?

Mine is "Christ, a Glasgow hospital has employed a cretin."

My reaction would most definitely not be, "This is how societies commit suicide." Nor would it be "Doctors Give In To Muslims," and I definitely wouldn't place Scotland, one of the whitest nations in Western Europe, on "Sharia-Watch."

I wouldn't do any of those things because I a) possess a sense of proportion and b) am not a honking cretin.

So, before anyone drifts by to tell me that I am sleepwalking to Dhimmification, allow me to note the basis of Rodent's Law...

"To every idiotic action there is an equally idiotic reaction."

That's the appliance of science, that.

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