Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Customer Service Announcement

Mattel Recalls "Dangerous" Toys
Millions of Units Recalled - 2006/07 Models

Full List of Recalled Products:

"Li'l Shaolin" Playtime Nunchaku

Glo-In-The-Dark Polonium Paintset

"Tickle Me Jacko" King of Pop Doll

Barbed Wire Barbie, extra-pointy Special Edition

"Sprach 'n' Spell" My First Mein Kampf

"Asphyxotron - Asbestos Robot Warrior"

"Wee-Plop Pammy", the incontinent wipe-clean Dolly with genuine gastroenteritis

Fisher Pricetm Day-Glo Zanee Plastic-Bag Party-Hatz

Black 'n' Decker "My First D.I.Y." Drill 'n' Sandblaster Set

"Frostee The Sno-man's Under-the-Sink Lemonade-Mixer"

Stanley, "the Little Razor With the BIG Personality"

My Little Panzerschreck

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