Thursday, August 09, 2007

Attention Britain - Nobody Is Persecuting You

1) Unfortunate Guardian hack makes perfectly reasonable point that any football team whose fans indulge in bigoted chanting should be punished.

2) Horde of fuckheads descend on comments thread to shout "But what about x,y and z, which are clearly worse," before accusations of bias, political correctness and equivalence begin to fly.

As a Celtic supporter myself, I'm no stranger to conspiracy theories and persecution complexes, but there's no escaping the truth - any football team whose fans indulge in bigoted chanting should be punished, and that includes mine.

This thread, however, is highly instructive in understanding the state of modern debate.

Over the years I've been fortunate enough to deal with representatives of most major faith groups, lobbyists, businesses, public services, football supporters clubs and members of the public - and each one has had its own special, lovingly-crafted tale of woe.

If I can summarise the worldview of each, it would be "Our group is unfairly discriminated against and there is far too much pandering to political/ethnic/religious group (x)."

Would you like to know a dirty little secret about the British public?

When it comes to farcical claims of racist discrimination, to choose a random example, it's not Muslims or Sikhs or Jews that make the most - it's white people who I hear claiming prejudice most often.

Let me be clear, this isn't because white people are more prone to claiming victimhood - it's because there are more white people than there are minorities, and everybody is at it.

As a people, collectively, we have become a nest of squawking chicks clambering over each other for the regurgitated worms of attention. This is not a basis on which to build a better nation.

Well, attention Britons of all creeds, colours and political affiliations - nobody is persecuting you, and righteous victimhood is a self-destructive impulse.

Please, stop it now, or I'll continue to bore you further.

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