Sunday, July 01, 2007

UK General - War On Tetrism "May Be Unwinnable"
BBC News, 1st July 2007

In a move certain to cause controversy, Gen. Sir Richard Dannatt has said that the war on Tetrism may be unwinnable.

"Our operations are having no visible effect upon the will of the Tetrists to oppose us," said General Dannatt in a candid interview.

"No sooner have we cleared one line than we find ourselves confronted by a new threat. These falling blocks seem to be endless, and their commitment seemingly cannot be thwarted."

Britain has been involved in counter-Tetrism operations since 2003, when Prime Minister Tony Blair gave the order to conduct an offensive against rapidly descending coloured blocks.

"Frankly, I believe that this situation is unsustainable," General Dannatt said.

"We are forced to fight harder and harder just to stay in the same place, and I have no doubt that the point will come when incoming blocks are moving at such a pace that we will be overwhelmed."

"I have recommended to the Prime Minister that we should consider pausing our operations to rethink our strategy - the scourge of Tetrism must be fought with precision, not firepower."

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