Friday, July 27, 2007

A Shout Out To My Brothers Who's Incarcerated

I missed it earlier this week, but I gots a shout goin' out to Ja Rule and Lil Wayne, who have both been busted by tha pigs for carrying illegal firearms.

As tha realest hip hop badass on Blogger, I've long considered Mr. Rule to be a comedy caricature of tha American capitalist dream - a talentless Dress-Me Bling-Doll who keeps a phalanx of paid goons to do his pimping and bitchslapping for him,while he gets his nails done and watches Oprah on tha motherfucking television.

Well, taken in conjunction with Mr. The Game's arrest on similar charges, they have clearly stated their intention to take hip hop back to tha streets. In recent years, it's all been more Cristal and Courvoisier than Crystal Meth and tha Chronic.

How glad I am to see hip hop getting back to its rootz within tha community, i.e. shooting policemen, drive-bys and running up on a fool then blasting his punk-ass with a twelve-gauge.

When I'm cruising through tha hood with my bitches tonight, I'll raise a blunt to tha homeboys keeping it real up in tha State Pen.


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