Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Point Of Order

It seems like everybody's queueing up to put the boot into George Galloway these days.

Personally, I've always regarded him as a shameless, self-promoting opportunist with no more a sense of morality than an alleycat, attributes that he has found endlessly useful in politics.

In fairness though, he's skyrocketed in my estimation after becoming the first Member of Parliament to speak the phrase "Spunk-Loving Sluts" in the House, an act that could only have been more amusing had he thrown a few copies of that publication down to the front bench for Cabinet perusal.

This is surely a momentous occasion in British political history - not since Lord Palmerston described Sir Robert Peel as a Flat-footed, furry cockbag full of fat fuck-all has such poetic oratory been heard within the hallowed hall.

Nor can Lloyd George's famed meditation upon the Kaiser's parentage, sexual proclivities and the uses to which he put his withered left arm compete for shock value in this liberal age.

And Ramsey MacDonald's denunciation of the Daily Mail as a Rat-fucking gang of rancid, bollock-sucking necrophiliacs, while true to this day, is now all but forgotten.

So, it's hats off to Galloway, whose inappropriate conduct is only beaten for comedic value by Her Majesty's Government - their decision to accept substantial contributions from the publishers of Spunk-Loving Sluts has kept us all laughing for years.

And, on a personal note, I'd like to add - Mum, you'd better cover your eyes before you read this post.

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