Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Of Memes And Memory

Ah, when stuck for something to say you can always count on a nice meme - thanks, then, to John Bitches for this open goal.

Eight random facts about me, plus one that's utterly fictional...

1. I once had to make a sharp exit from that guy out of Snow Patrol's house after a mate of mine bled all over his bathroom and puked in his hallway.

2. I can drive but I've never bothered to get a licence.

3. In 1998 I narrowly avoided being run over by then-Rangers manager Dick Advocaat.

4. I've made one dirty movie, but my career was cut short because I splashed the leading lady with the wrong body fluids.

5. The photograph in the top right hand corner was taken at half past six in the morning after a drinking binge that started at seven the previous evening.

6. I was once detained by the police on suspicion of arson.

7. I once went for a swim in Walden Pond, Massachusetts with a naked woman who described herself as a Jewish Pagan.

8. I'm one of the few Scots to receive a classical education in a state school - typically, though, I've forgotten how to read Latin but could take you through a blow-by-blow account of the battle of Cannae from memory.

9. Despite being from Scotland, I've only ever seen one person being stabbed.

Heads up - The Ill Man, Clairwil, Binty, Philip and Shuggy.

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