Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Johann Hari - A Life In Letters

February 20th 2003

In amongst the debates over the rights and wrongs of freeing the leopard, it is vital that we understand that the leopard can be a force for good in the world.

All of us can point to the past misdeeds of the leopard, which has at times been vicious, savage and selfish - that has no bearing on its future conduct.

Let us look upon the uncompromising, ugly face of the leopard in the past...

We can all agree that the leopard was a wild, uncontrollable beast seeking self-fulfillment.

But, alas, there are worse things than leopards in the world - lions, tigers and bears! Crocodiles, sharks and piranha!

Do you really want to defend these terrible animals? Surely, nobody prefers lions and tigers to leopards.

And for all of those who say that the leopard will simply rampage across town, attacking people and scrabbling in rubbish bins, I implore you to look at the dramatic change that September 11th has wrought upon it's spots.

I say that we should support the leopard in its bid for freedom - open that cage, then allow it to roam free.

Update!: July 2007 - It has recently been brought to my attention that the leopard has indeed rampaged about town, attacking people and rummaging in rubbish bins.

Further, I now realise that this leopard's coat remains substantially similar to its previous patterning. What I mistook for a decisive change in its appearance was merely a crudely tacked-on sign reading "I Ams a Nice Lepard Now."

On reflection, it seems that it would have been wiser to have left the cage locked.

I apologise for any confusion my previous comments may have caused.

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