Thursday, June 28, 2007

Why Do These Muslim Bastards Keep Calling Me "Islamophobic"?
By Jon3Sobieski, Blog Commenter

I just don't get it, dude.

I like a frank debate on the issues of the day as much as the next man and I'm always polite. I respect their wacko cultural sensitivities and shit, but I've just about had it with these fucking Muslims calling me some kind of bigot.

It's always the same - I'll be having an online discussion with some towel-head, and the next thing I know Abdul or whoever gets all aggressive and starts calling me all these filthy names.

One minute I'm making a perfectly valid point about how they're all ignorant sheep following a religion of hate, and out of nowhere they'll suddenly accuse me of being "racist" or "prejudiced".

Just why do these Muslim bastards keep calling me "Islamophobic"? Does the Koran command them to be dumbasses or something?

And Allah help me if I so much as mention the fact that their holy book totally commands them to kill or convert everyone on Earth, which would be a disgusting breach of human rights and wrong. Only a fanatical psycho would think about genocide in the name of religion.

It makes me so mad, sometimes I think we should just nuke 'em all and let God sort 'em out.

Well, I'm done being polite. If I want to call a fifth of the world's population fanatical killers I will, and if they've got any objections they can come take a shot at me any time - my email address is out there for the world to see.

Come try it if you got the balls, Islamonazis.

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